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The Enlight Unite Foundation is a tax deductible 501(c)(3) organization 


Enlight Unite Foundation (EUF) was established to focus on the needs of youth that are currently not being met by schools. More than ever, teachers are overworked, underpaid and ill equipped to deal with unimaginable challenges.  With many key issues adversely affecting today's youth, we have created a turnkey digital platform that teachers can access a curriculum that invites students to participate in various contests, utilizing their cell phones and other devices to express how they feel about significant issues that impact their lives. 

EUF raises funds through donations, grants, benefit concerts and unique fundraisers to cover the cost of delivery of the Enlight Unite platform as well as to engage keynote speakers, professional athletes, corporate professionals and celebrities to inspire our youth through tutorials and during scheduled events. EUF plans to host digital events for now, offer scholarships, grants & award prizes to participating youth, teachers and community members.

Enlight Unite aims to bring awareness about the key issues our students are currently facing and to reward their efforts in as many ways possible to keep them on an exciting, rewarding and positive path.